Learning PHP

Php Programming Key Showing Internet Development Language
Php Programming Key Showing Internet Development Language

I think Learning PHP by myself will be a fun challenge. I have been a food blogger on Joomla since 2008, and then I started learning Drupal and now WordPress. They all are types of content management systems using PHP as the programming language, mySQL as the database. Which is why LAMP-stack programmers have been quite a hot ticket for a while, using Linux for the OS operating system and the Apache HTTP web server.

Learning PHP elephant
Learning PHP elephant

There are lots of web programming languages out there as my old ASP class, the newer .NET, Java, and varity of supporting or core languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Steps towards Learning PHP


  • What is PHP?
  • Installing and configuring PHP and MySQL
  • Figuring out LAMP
  • Exploring data types
  • Controlling code with logical expressions and loops
  • Using PHP’s built-in functions
  • Writing custom functions
  • Building dynamic webpages
  • Working with forms and form data
  • Using cookies and sessions to store data
  • Connecting to MySQL with PHP
  • Creating and editing database records
  • Building a content management system
  • Adding user authentication

I hope you find Learning PHP as much as I do. Follow along.