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Pamela Fox presented Backbone 3 Ways

Backbone is one of the most popular MVC frameworks for JavaScript
these days, and one of the reasons for its popularity is that its
minimal and lightweight. That makes it easy to use in different ways
and adapt to different projects – but can also make it hard to learn.
In this talk, I’ll start with Backbone basics, and then dive into
three different ways that we use it to power the front-end of

Pamela is a graduate from the USC Computer Science Department. While at Google she worked on the widely successful Maps API and the ill-fated Wave API. She is currently working at Coursera to improve online education.

Brian Mann presents Backbone.MarionetteSecond Talk, Lessons Learned Using Backbone: Beyond the One-Task App by Brian Mann

There are many examples of simple one-task Backbone applications, but few if any explain how to approach building larger scale projects. In this talk you’ll learn to bridge the gaps that backbone doesn’t solve. You’ll also learn about Marionette – a composite framework for building and structuring Backbone applications.

Brian Mann has spent the last year building a large Backbone application using Ruby on Rails. He currently works at InspectAll, a SaaS web application used to analyze industrial compliance and inspection data.


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