Phonegap and Drupal

Well Phonegap keeps popping up in my feeds as the new thing that people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. I went to a HTML5 group meeting a while ago and it was also about Phonegap. This months Atlanta Drupal User Group will be about Build mobile apps with Drupal and Phonegap.

Build mobile apps with Drupal + Phonegap

This month, Adam Rosenkoetter will show us how his company, Sol Design, builds mobile apps powered by Drupal. Adam will discuss how Drupal— in combination with Phonegap— can be used to power the content management for mobile apps and serve as a vehicle for pushing content updates to mobile applications, without the use of app stores.

Adam will outline his unique approach with Solta Medical as case study— a company that is leveraging iPad apps to replace brochures and keep their salesforce and customers up to date in real-time.

About Our Presenter

Since 1996, Adam Rosenkoetter has designed, built, managed and deployed some of the most complex web-based and mobile solutions for several of the world’s most respected organizations. Adam is a co-founder and the technology director at SolDesign Company and is an Atlanta native.

Post addendum

The recording of Adam’s “Build mobile apps with Drupal + Phonegap” from February 12th is now available here: A big Thank you to Adam Rosenkoetter with Sol Design for the presentation

Learning to Program

Learning to Program is quite a challenge. I first started playing with computers when I bought my first Commodore 64 with money from my paper route. I remember spending hours copying the lines of basic from the back of Byte magazine back in the mid-80’s. I have written in Apple Basic, TRS-80 OS, MS-DOS batch file and so many other languages, but I have never felt like I was a programmer. I mean, I always get the thing done. But I want to feel like an an actual software engineer, or developer, or something like that.

Learning to Program

I know there are basic steps in the process of Learning to Program and thought I might share some. You know how my blog works, these are my thoughts for me, rather than for you as a reader, HR person, or hiring manager. But I often think that someone else might follow along, or that my struggles will inspire someone to keep trying. I mean, at this point I have been playing with computers as my main hobby or obsession since 1983, so 2013 is like 30 years, and most of those years, other people have payed me well to play with their computers for their businesses.

Basic Outline of Learning to Program

  • Hello World, Now Called the ToDo List
  • How Software Works
  • Getting to Know your Computer
  • Build Tools
  • Data (Types)
  • Data (Structures)
  • Data (bases)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Control Structures (if, for, while, when)
  • Functions and Methods
  • Programming Standards
  • Documentation
  • Planning
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Sharpening Your Saw (or learning to fish)
  • Building Speed & Skills
  • Going from Beginner to Mid (advanced type topics)

advanced type topics like;

Learning to Program is no easy feat, so I figure I will spend this year sharing more stuff, including collapsing my other freebie webpages about databases, Becoming a DBA and Systems Analysis and Design. As well as my Winter Color Palettes with falling snow.