Node June Meeting

Its been a while since I went to this meetup, mostly because I don’t understand what Node is. But its a a new location, BitPay at the Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead. First time I think I met Joe.

Rob Righter presented Using Node to build chat Robots that make your Job easier

Chat robots can be a huge help for software engineering teams. At Pardot, we use our node based chat robot “Hal” for everything from reminders about scrum meetings to production system monitoring. Along the way we have discovered a few useful patterns that allow us to make the most of our friendly robots.

Rob Righter is a Geek that loves building stuff with node. He is an Engineering Manager at He lives in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta with his wife, 3 sons and a pet fish named sharktooth.

Seán McCord presented Writing and Publishing Node/NPM modules

An exploration of the basic requirements for building, reusing, and sharing your modules.

Seán C McCord runs CyCore Systems, Inc., a consulting, engineering, and development firm based in Decatur, GA. He has been using Node for a while, now, and it has become one of the primary environments for solutions originating from CyCore.

Advanced Module Integration

It is very common for one to create a “simple” Drupal module to tweak certain behavior or add a bit of new functionality.  However, there are times when we need a much more substantial solution that tightly integrates with common Drupal features.

In this meeting we will cover how to implement custom data elements, Views integration, Panel panes/layouts, field handlers and other helpful module development topics.

Our presenter, Russ Winters of DiversiCon Inc. has more than twenty-five years of experience building software and Internet solutions for medium and large  businesses, with the past six years focused on Drupal based website, Intranet and e-commerce development. He creates content delivery, inventory management and manufacturing software on a variety of platforms including Unix/Linux and Windows based systems using: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Javascript, jQuery, Linux, FreeBSD, Visual Basic, C/C++ and SQL Server.

We will have food and refreshment sponsored by LEHAN Partners.  Thanks also to our sponsors  Matrix Resources for the meeting our and to TRC Professional Solutions for helping with organization and planning.

Great presentation Russ! Now here is the link to the video here: