Javascript Patterns and Gulp

This month, we had a beginner session by Jonathan Martin of Big Nerd Ranch. Then, the 2 main presentations:

JavaScript Patterns

Some 30 years ago software engineers began to incorporate some of the architect Christoper Alexander’s design patterns work into their own, with the crecendo being the Gang of Four’s “Design Patterns: Elements Of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” written in 1995. Understanding these common proven methodologies for solving problems can accelerate development, improve maintainability, and conjure better software almost magically. Being classless, it’s often difficult to directly see how classical design patterns can map to more fluid languages like JavaScript–but the language has taken quite nicely to both classical patterns and even supported the invention of some novel, never seen before patterns.

Jeremy Duvall is a software architect with Slalom Consulting specializing in scalable, performant, and maintainable enterprise applications built through the lens of a healthy respect for compiler technology.


Gulp.js is a JavaScript build system that has come onto the scene by storm and has become a serious contender to Grunt. We’ll go over the evolution of build tools, compare Gulp to Grunt, and of course – give a demo of Gulp in action.


Chris Keen – is an veteran software developer in Atlanta. Things he has built on the web with JavaScript ranges from vector-based weather maps to games.