From Node to Go and StructureJS Javascript Meetup

From Node to Go

As some of you may know, TJ Holowaychuk – the prolific creator of Express and Mocha, among other open source projects – has declared he is leaving Node.js for Go instead. John Maxwell gave us some perspective as to why Go may be attractive and what it provides for developers.
(30 minutes)

Welp, too bad, I plan to keep working with Node and learning more about it and what we can do with it.


StructureJS is a powerful, open-source , browser-based JS development tool that Shamari hopes will change the way developers organize and structure their Javascript applications. This talk covered and demonstrated some of the more powerful, time-saving features of structureJS.
(30 minutes)

Shamari Feaster a Javascript junkie and creator of structureJS, a requireJS-inspired web development tool (www.structurejs.wor­ He is a computer science and MIS graduate from Florida State University and currently works as a developer for General Motors.


Enterprise Drupal at Turner Sports

For sports fans and Drupalers alike who want to learn about the wizardry behind the development of a sensational sports website, you are in for a double treat this evening — tonight’s program will be presented by the enterprise developers at Turner Broadcasting who develop the PGA (golf) and NBA (basketball) websites. (see my note at the bottom)

Enterprise Drupal and PGA.COM

Ivan Alfaro, Senior Web Developer at Turner Broadcasting led the re-design and re-launch in the Drupal CMS in 2010. Says Ivan, “This project was an eye-opener with regard to how Drupal is deployed and how it performs under a high load.” In his presentation this evening Ivan will cover:

  • Tips on making your site faster on the front end, back end and configuration
  • Modules to pick, modules to stay away from
  • What themes to pick
  • Code re-factoring for easier re-use and scale
  • Getting over the authentication hurdle
  • Coding best practices
  • How to bake a cookie (because we all love cookies)…Ok, this may not be part of the agenda

You can follow the 2014 PGA Championship August 3 – 10 online here:

Ivan has worked on approximately 200 websites over the past 10 years, with experience in migrations, operations, infrastructure, enterprise scale, 4 different major content management systems, authentication systems, feeds ingestion/exportation, integrations, and application programming interface generation. Connect with Ivan on Linkedin: (Lucky me I had already met him in 2013, somewhere)

Enterprise Drupal and

In her role as Application Implementation Manager for the Turner Broadcasting NBA Digital, Erica Reed is a technical leader who can “talk geek” with developers, and “talk business” with management and clients. With her team, David Browning, Program Manager, and Senior Web Developer Ed Seufert, the NBA Team Sites were redesigned and relaunched on a new responsive Drupal 7 platform in 2014. The team built a new enterprise code platform with reusable components shared by all NBA teams. Tonight Erica, David and Ed will cover:

• The project summary and workflows for a from-scratch redesign

• Why did we decide to go responsive?

• How we used Drupal 7 features for site building

• Editorial capabilities to customize sites

• Dynamic ad tag generation

• Enterprise considerations for page serving, caching, and live scoring needs

Turner Sports is the division of Turner Broadcasting System (a subsidiary of Time Warner) responsible for sports broadcasts on Turner channels including TBS, TNT, and TruTV, and for operating the interactive properties, NASCAR.COM,, PGATOUR.COM and


I got sick and couldn’t go.

Thanks Utzu Logigan and Jonathan for shooting and editing these videos:
Enterprise Drupal and PGA.COM – Ivan Alfaro (08.14.2014) –
Enterprise Drupal and NBA.COM – Erica Reed (08.14.2014) –