PhotoShop Basics with Layers

What to learn and know about PhotoShop Basics? Well back in 2012 I worked on PhotoShop CS5. I first took classes in PhotoShop back in 2000 when it was 5.5 and Illustrator was v8. But I think I am most comfortable with the basics as set in CS5. I  always figured I was a web developer, who could do the basics of design, and I still pay for that mindset. Starting NOW, January 2015, I am going to sit down once a month for a whole day, and work through some kind of project to keep my skills going. Eventually it was make more sense.

I created a rack card, which is your basic 4×9 postcard type advertising printed on both sides, usually one side in glossy coated color. Started with a photographic and tweaked it a bit, added a border and played around with some text on the back.

Created a table tent card, a movie poster, have done some photo cleanup from old scans, and a wide variety of projects, but never thought of myself as a graphic artist. I  always figured I was a web developer, who could do the basics of design, and I still pay for that mindset. So being as its January 2015, I plan to sit down once a month for a whole day, and work through some kind of project to keep my skills going. Eventually it was make more sense. I am glad we are about done with the PSD3HTML craze, and are building to a standard of using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for design.

I know I need to learn to create a web page in Photoshop and then get it out to a good web page, but that day has not yet come. Meanwhile….

Working with Layers

  • Lock Transparent Pixels
  • Apply a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
  • Work with a Layer Mask
  • Use One Layer to Mask Another Layer
  • Mask a Layer with the Paste into Command
  • Scale an Image
  • Use the Free Transform Command
  • Use a Single Layer to Mask Multiple Layers
  • Paint in a Layer Mask
  • Add a Stroke Layer Style
  • Add a Drop Shadow Layer Style
  • Edit Layer Styles
  • Copy Layer Styles Between Layers

and that’s just in Working in layers. And that really kind of covers PhotoShop Basics. Everything is and has a layer.


ADUG Elections at GaTech

The Board of Directors for ADUG is an election-based body that manages the overall operations of the group, from programming to finances. They have also been in charge, most recently, of planning and executing DCA. The elections for the Board are done annually, as stated in the by-laws. As such, we are holding the elections for the 2015 Board. All members of the meetup group are eligible, and if you need more information on the duties and responsibilities of the Board, please see the by-laws, located on the Files page.  Up-to 9 members can be on the board. Nonah also went with me.

This election will be followed by an introduction to the GaTech facility, talking about how they will be supporting ADUG for the next year. This will be our new facility for 2015.

If you are interested in being a member of the Board of Directors, please comment below with a brief (3-4 sentence) bio of yourself. We will allow anyone interested to have a 2 minute Q&A prior to the voting. All members of the group are welcome to vote as well, but have to be PRESENT at the meeting. All bio’s that are listed in the comments will be added to the meeting description below. If you have any questions on this process, please email and one of the current Board members will be happy to assist.

– Mal Richards, President
– Kaleem Clarkson, VP
– Taylor Wright, Treasurer
– Barb Prebble, Secretary
– Zach Sines, Marketing

All incumbents are running for re-election.

Here are the details of the people in consideration at this time (there could be more in the comments, so please see below, as well as others who show up in January):

Adelle Frank:

“I’m a long-time Drupal enthusiast who loves to share our awesome community and software. I’d love to be a non-officer on the Board of Directors, with a primary focus of helping with DrupalCamp Atlanta.”

Eric Sembrat:

“I am presently employed as the Drupal subject-matter expert for the College of Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I also serve as a member of the Leadership Committee for the Georgia Tech Drupal Users Group. During my free time, I am either exploring Atlanta (and all its neighborhoods and eccentricities) or working towards finishing my Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Georgia State University. My preference would be to serve in a communication- or socially-focused position in ADUG as an outlet for my love of community-building, grammatical finesse, and Drupal.”

Zach Sines (re-election):

“I have been involved with ADUG for years now, and a board of director member for the past 10 or so months.  I accomplished a few things while there, specifically in regards to DCA, the by-laws, the Meetup site, and ADUG operations in regards to facilities, communications, socials, and finances.  Specifically with DCA, I helped raise $15,000 in sponsorship funds, helped coordinate the entire event, worked countless hours creating materials and content, ran ad/email campaigns, and assisted with the overall operations of the camp.  I have also be the Marketing Chair for the past 12 months. I would like to continue helping the community by being on the board, specifically in the leadership tier of the group.”

Kaleem Clarkson (re-election):

I started building websites in 1999 and was introduced to Drupal in 2008. I started attending ADUG meet ups in 2009 after ADUG. I have attended various conferences such as: Drupalcon Denver, BadCamp, Drupalcamp Charlotte, Drupalcamp Florida and of course Drupalcamp Atlanta. Currently I am the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning where I am responsible for the promotion and production of two national conferences that are in their 27th and 24th years. While in college I founded a 501c3 nonprofit organization titled Concerts4Charity and am also the co-founder of blend me, Inc marketing and HR consulting firm that focuses on Remote and Distributed Companies. Last March when it was announced that Drupalcamp Atlanta was postponed I helped start the dialogue of continuing the camp and was elected as the Interim Vice President of the Board. I am looking forward to running again and I hope this Year’s Drupalcamp was enough to win your vote again.

Barb Prebble (re-election):

Since 2007 when the Mal Richards and Kent Lester began holding Drupal meetups at 5 Seasons, I have volunteered as an Assistant Organizer for ADUG, and have had a hand in pretty much all our activities since then: coordinating speakers for monthly meetings; writing and posting content to our websites and social media sites; working with volunteers;  identifying and working with venue sponsors; working on all six DrupalCamps; and strategic planning.  In 2014 I was elected Secretary of the Interim Board.  I’d like to continue to contribute my institutional knowledge and skills to further the goals of the Board in 2015 — I am especially interested in programs for new Drupal users.  My background is as an educator and marketing communications and training specialist with a focus on design and content management.  I’ve been using Drupal 7 to develop websites for non-profit and small business clients for about four years.

Taylor Wright (re-election):

I have been working with Drupal and attending ADUG meetups since 2008. I volunteered for the Board in 2014. I  accepted the role as Treasurer because I have a background in accounting and finance, including an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and accounting experience with a national  accounting firm. I have a small elearning company and have a very strong interest in using Drupal for education and training. I helped plan and organize the Drupal in Education Summit as part of Drupalcamp Atlanta 2014. I am not a trained developer, but I have built several complex sites in Drupal and I’m currently working on a Drupal learning content management system. I’d like to continue to serve on the Drupal Board in 2015.

Suzannah L. Saiah:

I have been involved with ADUG for a couple of years now. I am a self-employed entrepreneur managing and team lead on online projects involving Drupal, Moodle, Blackboard and content development.
I have an MBA from Oglethorpe University and a Masters of Education from Mercer University. My business background includes IT, consulting and management. I have experience working for computer companies since DOS 3.0. I want to continue learning and supporting Drupal and the Drupal community.

Nonah and I attending together at GATech
Nonah and I attending together the ADUG BOD Elections at GATech

College Fund Life Division

I worked on several websites with these guys over a period of 3.5 years. Best years of my life.

We had a Customer page, which these pictures portray, as well as an Agents back-office site, a recruitment site for agents, an internal home-office intranet, and a site for a membership added value card. Later we built out a new product line as well.