Amazon Web Services for Drupal

Amazon Web Services for Drupal Hosting presentation will give you all the details for do it yourself hosting with utilizing Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services can be used in many ways and this compliments Drupal well since you can host anything from a simple blog site to a highly complex site or application spanning many servers. Unfortunately I have to miss this meeting.

What we’ll cover are some basics that will lay a foundation that can be easily built upon for virtually any type of Drupal hosting.

  • A comparison of AWS hosting to traditional and specialized
  • Drupal hosting providers.
  • AWS basic concepts and commonly used services.
  • Hosting with AWS from single server to highly available application hosting.
  • Advanced hosting concepts.
  • AWS resources.
  • Q&A

Chris Hales

Chris is currently a Drupal Technical Lead for Kony, Inc. and manages all of their Drupal hosting infrastructure. He started working with Drupal in 2006 when he was primarily a PHP developer and looking for a good CMS base for building social networking sites. He became a full time Drupal developer and architect for Mediacurrent in 2008 and has been active in the Drupal community ever since.