Crush it as a Content Writer on LinkedIn

I think Daniel Roth has the right idea about doing well as a influence writer by publishing long-form content on LinkedIn. He first published his article in 2012, but keeps updating it, which is key. Write some good material, and keep updating it. Becoming a good content writer is part of my plan to helping people.

    His other tips are;

  1. Write What You Know
  2. Write often
  3. Remember your audience
    1. Include sublists
    2. with extra content
    3. give them something extra
  4. Pay attention to the headline
  5. When Facing the Blank Page, …(turn to current events)
  6. Always attribute
  7. Share!

Here’s What I Tell People When They Ask How to Crush it as a LinkedIn Writer

A content writer can share knowledge with others, help others, and work out their thoughts.

JUnit Testing

JUnit has matured to become the most important tool when it comes to automated developer tests in Java. Supported by all IDEs and build systems, it empowers programmers to deliver software features reliably and efficiently. However, writing good unit tests is a skill that needs to be learned; otherwise it’s all too easy to end up in gridlocked development due to messed up production and testing code. Acquiring the best practices for unit testing will help you to prevent such problems and lead your projects to success with respect to quality and costs.

Some skills in this stack are;

  • Using advanced JUnit 4 features
  • Improving code coverage, (width and depth)
  • Automating JUnit tests stacks and scripts
  • Monitoring code quality with reports
  • Writing JUnit tests for the database and web tiers
  • Refactor legacy(older) code
  • Mock external dependencies using Mockito
  • Writing testable code using test-driven development mindset

DevOps Kaizen

Kaizen is a popular dev ops cultural practice. – Kaizen literally means change for the better.

So much to say about this. The core of what I learned from Samual during my Lean Six Sigma training. The Five Ways, and fishbones, and why, and not using people as the Root problem. But fixing the problem, like my boss Keith at ATI did back in 1995 when I made an error that cost the company $10,000. I thought I might have been me, but it wasn’t. It was an undocumented thing….and from where we changed. I learned, and eventually we changed almost everything from a 6-8 month order to ship time to a 6 week order to ship time. 

All this is basic fundamentals of DevOps as well. Let me think of what to share. I mean other than go read the books and do the homework, and refine the pain.


GemBa is a Japanese word about the real place. Go see the actual real place or see the actual code. Plan Do Check Act is a cycle, keep going.

Remember its about building people before building cars(or code)