Drupal 8 Books I like

Drupal Books I Like
Drupal 8 Configuration Management by Stefan Borchert

Drupal Books I like

  • Beginning Drupal 297 pages
  • Drupal 8 for Absolute Beginners 348 pages
  • Drupal 8 Configuration Management 259 pages
Drupal Books I Like
Drupal 8 for Absolute Beginners

So I built my basic Drupal 6 site in back in 2010 and now 7 is king, and has been for a while. Yet Drupal 8 is out and I need to work on my migration plans. How do I build a sample site in 7, and then migrate it to 8? And what steps do I need to worry about? I guess the best place is to approach it like always, as a beginner, because as much as I think I know about anything, having a book and other resources available to dig into, is important.

Whats New in Drupal 8?

What I like is the heavy focus on Configuration Management, as well as more on doing more without having to program it in. More on the tools for styling and making it more user friendly.