A Portfolio

A poorly done chalky rendition of Michael

A Portfolio. Time to start building A Portfolio. Well at first glance I should build out the basic HTML front-end based pages I did as basic practice. Yeap Ted looking down at me every-time I walk out to take a break. Almost like being in one of those offices…. OMGosh I crack myself up at times.

NodeJS March Meetup

AtlNodeLogoAtlanta Node.js March Meeting

Jaime Rosales presented 3D Web powered by NodeJS

Jaime Rosales, DevTech Engineer at Autodesk, presentation on a few examples of 3D on the web and showed us an extensive demo of the Autodesk View & Data API, a WebGL-based technology that enables your website users to visualize and interact with stunning high-fidelity 3D & 2D models in a browser or on a mobile device anytime, anywhere.
( https://developer.autodesk.com/api/view-and-data-api/ )

Jaime Rosales (@afrojme) is a DevTech Engineer at Autodesk, who has promoted many of the company’s Web services technologies over the past 2 years. View & Data API being the most attractive one to the JS community. Actively, he spends part of his time presenting in different parts of the US, big cities like NYC, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Chicago, San Francisco and Sillicon Valley being some of the main ones, about the implementation of 3D content for web apps. He was in the Speakers line-up for last year JS Conference in Medellin, Colombia . He is part of the well-known group of developers from the AEC & VR Hackathons that occur around the world.

After Jaime’s presentation, Joseph DeCarlo moderated an Open Spaces discussion.