TypeScript and Angular2

August might be my Angular month. Check out my CodePens. I have been going to Angular Meetups over the past couple of years, and spent a month in the Web Development Immersive class at General Assembly going over Angular, but I have been slightly resistant to Angular2 & TypeScript. Its like Microsoft just had to get their hands on something pure and mess it up. Which is why I left the Microsoft camp years ago when I was a “Master” of ASP classic…. the VBscript stuff. The server-side type programing. And then I went to the MVC mode with Java, Struts and Tiles. However Angular2 and TypeScript ARE here and its something to jump on and at least get familiar with. And that is what Manheim’s Fullstack meetup is all about.
Angular2, TypeScript & You is tomorrow, and I am excited about what these guys have to say about it.

Mastering Responsive Typography

I am so excited my buddy Zell came out with a class Mastering Responsive Typography. As you know he has written two books, Automating Your Workflow and Learning Susy, which I have written about in the past. Well NOW, I get to learn about Mastering Responsive Typography. Recently I came across responsive logos, and thought how am I going to tackle this new design mindset, as well as setting pages so while the blocks look right, the font or typography is usually small and hard to read. I want it to be small screen, but sort of normal size font. I know in the past I learned a lot about this from his blog, Everything I know about Responsive Web Typography. The other one I had read a couple of years ago, kind of left ya hanging. Good ideas in The Lazy Person’s Guide to Responsive Typography, but I wanted more.

Mastering Responsive Typography Lessons

First, you’ll learn the fundamentals to good typography. You’ll learn how to choose a good font-size, how to set your text properly, so it looks good on any device. You’ll also gain confidence that your typography choices are sound even if you don’t have a great eye for design.

Second, you’ll learn the technical aspects to typography.

He says “… wrote Mastering Responsive Typography because it’s something I wish I had when I started to learn web typography. Although there’s a ton of information out there, only a few ones are truly gems. These gems were incredibly hard to find. I often drowned in the vast amount of information out there on the internet.

In short, Mastering Responsive Typography is right for you if:

  1. You want to understand and internalize design principles to help you design better-looking websites without the help of a designer.
  2. You want to code in a simple and efficient manner while utilizing everything you’ve learned.
  3. You want to learn things quickly so you can produce work you’re proud of.

Mastering Responsive Typography(https://gumroad.com/l/ZpmBL)


I tell you what, from what I have seen of his book this course will be worth it. I am excited to see if I can make it happen.

Angular SPA of my WP-API

building-web-apps-with-wordpressSay what? Yes, I can create an AngularJS Single Page Application(SPA) using WordPress(WP)’s back-end API or Application Programmer Interface. New and cool.

Non-UX Books to Learn UX From

As a newish discipline, User Experience Design (UXD) is influenced by business, psychology, architecture and cultural anthropology. Last week Ryan Zimmerman mentioned the cultural anthropology aspect of it.  I know a smart lady Bini Dodda recently migrated from eight years in architecture to UX. Back in 2014 Seth Owings and I talked about how psychology played a part in good UXD.  Whereas I used to see UX as a blending of business subject matter experts (SME) and design, I now see it from a broader picture. Which got thinking about what non-UX books you could learn UX from and wanted to share some of what I found with you.