A MEAN study

Yesterday was the first day of the MEAN-stack study group I am leading. It was a rainy day, and some folks were late traveling in the rain. And today I ponder this picture of rain drops. Its a bit like us, in that a good MEAN developer is made up of so many different parts or points. Like drops on a windshield, all discounted. Until you flip your wipes and they all blend together as a stream running out of sight.

I had a guy talking about how he wants to do his project in WordPress. Good for you buddy, expect this is a MEAN-stack group, not a WordPress group. Go join them. But for the most part we had varying degrees of IDK this or that. I figured that. But I am not the teacher. I paid very good money and spent a lot of time learning. This study group is for folks to work on learning to advance their skills in a group. But you got to know some basic stuff. Like how to install Node and build a simple Node app. How Express sits on it, and Mongo below it. How Mongoose talks and relates for is. I had some Front-end folks who knew Angular but not the other parts. And I sat there watching the rain fall thinking, How do I help connect the dots for these folks?

Testing Adder with Jasmine

What is Testing Adder with Jasmine? Adder is some alien who adds numbers together very well, and we are going to use Jasmine to do JavaScript testing. The core of this is about Testing AngularJS with Jasmine and Karma a tutorial written by Adam Morgan.

Adam Morgan will talk about Automated Testing AngularJS apps

In his talk, Adam will introduce automated testing within the context of AngularJS applications. You will learn the benefits of automated unit testing and the tools that are needed as he walks through sample code and their associated tests. You’ll walk away with what you need to know to setup a test suite for your own AngularJS applications. This talk will cover a series on automated testing he has written for Scotch.io

Part 1: https://scotch.io/tutorials/testing-angularjs-with-jasmine-and-karma-part-1

Part 2: https://scotch.io/tutorials/testing-angularjs-with-jasmine-and-karma-part-2

Adam Morgan is the Lead Frontend Developer of Seraph Group, a seed stage angel investment network based in Atlanta, GA. After a brief stint as a data analyst in marketing consulting, he quit his job to learn web development. Since then he has spent most of his time working with JavaScript, primarily on MEAN stacks. He’s worked at a variety of companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies (like CNN, Turner, AutoTrader, HomeDepot) to startups and digital agencies. Across these companies he’s filled various roles ranging from full-stack development to UI design and UX research.

He is quite a guy, and the knowledge he will share is quite worth it.

Testing Adder with Jasmine

So what does this have to do with me? Well, I think I need to really learn this. I already learned a bit about Mocoa and Chai back a few months ago, and think this can go deeper, or at least give me a broader knowledge of testing.

Build a Site in One Day

I need a website. I need a portfolio website for myself. I want to build a site in one day. I have pondered what I want to say about myself. How to market my skills and showcase some of my past projects. I have been building stuff for the web since back in the GeoCities days of the mid-to late 90’s. And yet, I don’t have anything I think I want to show off, or the things I am proudest of are long gone, changed, or covered by NDAs. So I sit here for the past year thinking, “Is today the day I build my own website?”

How to Build a Site in One Day

Sites I have worked on way in the past;

  1. GeoCites; About Me
  2. GeoCites; Camping Food Recipes
  3. GeoCites; Boy Scout troop
  4. GeoCites; Boy Scout district camping committee
  5. Boy Scout Order of the Arrow chapter site
  6. A church activity group site

Some of the professional sites I built or worked on

  1. College Fund; main customer portal
  2. College Fund; main agents portal
  3. College Fund; intranet site with Outlook web access
  4. College Fund; agents recruitment site
  5. College Fund; national student membership add-on site
  6. College Fund; follow-on product company site
  7. Some site for Smart-Card chip readers for vending systems
  8. Infor Global’s marketing site gathering user conference metrics
  9. Real Estate sites, one of four agents sites in and around Cumming
  10. Real Estate sites, two of four agents sites in and around Cumming
  11. Real Estate sites, three of four agents sites in and around Cumming
  12. Real Estate sites, four of four agents sites in and around Cumming
  13. Professional Engineering Mentoring connection site
  14. VisCalc (product site for a viscosity testing tool)
  15. FEMA’s national floodplain insurance programs site
  16. New Hampshire’s enterprise healthcare portal
  17. Worked on Georgia’s COMPASS portal
  18. The Power Game (empowerment)
  19. WeeCare (daycare rating site)
  20. GA Women for Change
  21. Perma-Fix

Some of my own;

  1. Becoming a DBA, blog for teaching a guy how to become a DBA in a year
  2. Software Analysis and Design, a class blog for software engineering
  3. Oracle and SQL, a class blog
  4. Leadership blog
  5. Gwinnett Tech’s student chapter of AITP
  6. A hockey team site rebuild (for a buddy)
  7. Photography studio rebuild (for a buddy)
  8. Speaking Sumo, blog for learning Japanese
  9. Gokester Eats, a foodie blog
  10.  ~ another food blog before that one
  11. Kolker Fiber Arts, an eCom site using WooCommerce
  12. Michio Arts, building Japanese Gardens, bamboo fences, and koi ponds

GA WDI Projects

  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Daycare rehash in RoR
  • Story Prompts, MEN-stack
  • Learning Sign Language via video chat
  • And a whole bunch of a samples

And lastly, I was able to build this site in just a couple of hours
So I was able to Build a Site in a Day

Build a Site in One Day ~ Part II

Part Two will be the actual building a site in one day, after I get it built.

I want to build a couple of different sample headers to see what I like. Luckily I can use CodePen for that, as well as for designing some footers.

See the Pen myReactHeader by Michael Gokey (@gokemon) on CodePen.dark


Donuts and Social Media

What do Donuts and Social Media have in common? Me. I saw note on LinkedIn, and thought, “OK, lets go post each of these comments in with each of this social media outlets and connect everything.” I don’t have have YouTube, yet, but did add Meetup, which the original “post” didn’t have.

Twitter => I’m eating #Donuts

Facebook => I like Donuts

Foursquare => This is where I eat Donuts

Instagram => At a Vintage Donut shop, Marie’s Do-Nut Shop

Sorry YouTube

LinkedIn => My skills include Donut eating

pinterest => Here is a Donut recipe

I am not a Google Employee and yet I like to eat Donuts

Lawrenceville UX Design Meetup is meeting at a Donut shop

Lawrenceville UX Design Meetup

Lawrenceville, GA
12 UXers

I hope this group grows as we help those of us in the Lawrenceville Gwinnett area who do UX design, and UI design or development get together once in a while and chat or talk …

Check out this Meetup Group →

DragonCon and EFF

 Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency
Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency

YA, that was pretty great. Scott Jones a buddy of mine asked me to help out on staff with him on the EFF track. He has been the Director of the Electronic Frontier Forums for years now, and I jumped at a chance to work with my buddy. I am so proud that every track as he announced the presentations, he always spoke about the DragonCon charity of the years, Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency (ACSS) and passed the jar around asking folks to put in a a buck or two or five and they did. We raised $1,173 which as I understand it, will be doubled by DragonCon.

We also had some amazing panels on all sorts of topics.
Friday kicked off with a Bang

  • Government Surveillance in Early American History
  • Activism 101 and State Level Activism
  • Women in Science and Tech Careers
  • Rule 41: The FBI’s New License to Hack?
    (and the Stop Mass Hacking Act)
  • Revenge Porn and Reputation Destroying Sites
  • Let’s Encrypt: Encrypt the Entire Web!
  • Forensics and Cyber Forensics Are Lies (and are Not Science)
  • Online Dating Survival Guide

And on Saturday was a blast

  • Legal Issues of Kickstarter and Crowd Funding
  • Copyright 101
  • National Security Letters: Past, Present, and Future
  • Oracle v. Google Lawsuit: Round 2?
  • FBI vs. Apple vs. Grey Hats and the Future of Encryption
  • Internet Marketing (for Authors): Conquering Social Media
  • Hacking 101
  • Mobile Biometrics and Law Enforcement
  • Online Stalkers and Your Safety

And Sunday was kind of explosive

  • UK Investigatory Powers Bill (Snooper’s Charter)
  • Legality of Fanfic and Cosplay
  • Famous Unsolved Codes
  • State of Mobile Jailbreaking
  • Niche Markets in eBooks and Print (for Writers)
  • How Science Fiction Impacts Public Policy
  • Webcomics
  • 10 Rules for Dealing with Police Encounters
  • Hacking 201 (which lasted till 4am?)

Monday was certainly not a dud

  • FOIA Workshop (Filing Freedom of Information Act Requests)
  • Online Propaganda: A Brave New World
  • Agile Development 101
  • CISA Cybersecurity Provisions Passed in the 2016 Omnibus Budget Bill


Electronic Frontiers Forums is a series of lectures and panels given at the Dragon Con Science Fiction Convention each year on Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This is not part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, though Georgia has an office of it, and there were several panelists from it.