SheWill What?

SheWill, Inc. is non-profit organization created to educate young girls about financial literacy & career empowerment through mentoring & outreach programs.


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Nonprofits spend all of their time doing good, not looking good. Imagine how much good they could do if they looked good as well. What if we could build 48 websites for nonprofit organizations in a 48 hour weekend?

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What’s the PUF?

The PUF…. what the puf? People United Foundation

YEAP that’s what I was thinking when I saw their old site. And tried to read the sheet the guy from the non-profit was trying to tell us about them. Turns out it is actually a really cool thing they are trying to do. And I was proud to help the People United Foundation.

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Building Non-Profit Sites

This weekend was the second 48in48 hosted at General Assembly. We had two types of teams, the project centered teams, like I was on the Moxie team and we built out 3 sites over the weekend, and the other kind of team was the skills based teams, like teams of Wordsmiths, graphic artists, WordPress genus, digital marketing folks, etc. Lucky for me, we had two Project Managers and a well rounded team. We had a guy who was a wizz with graphics, and a guy & girl team who were amazing at rewording the original content, one master WordPress guy, myself and another all around jack-of-trades guy.

We started Friday evening with trying to read and decipher the two sites assigned to us. PUF and CSC and it took us a while to figure out even what those acronyms meant, merely because the non-profit folks who built the site, had no real idea how to build sites or how to market themselves, and were so used to just calling their site by the short handle CSC, or thePUF, assuming outside people would know what that meant. Quite a challenge, not being able to login to the old sites, but by walking around on the sites, we were able to start deciding what was important and what was not, what was the real mission and vision and how we could best present that information. Lots of research and then some information architecture revisions. Even creating some personas, and later deciding who was actually going to use the site, compared to what the stakeholders thought really helped us narrow down our focus.

The People United Foundation folks do good work for people in their community and turned out to be well worth our efforts.

Community Supported Agriculture

The CSC turned out to be the Center for Sustainable Communities provides technical assistance to communities and neighborhoods through program and project management; technical assistance; planning; research and analysis; education and safety, climate resiliency,economic development; education. Like one example is Advanced Atmospheric Research and Monitoring Station (AARMS) project where they designed, integrated and installed advanced instrumentation and equipment on a 140-ft tall tower located in the 65 acres of urban old-growth forest Fernbank Forest to collect long-term meteorological and atmospheric data. This was in support of academic atmospheric and meteorological research by adopting rigorous standard operating procedures for instrument deployment, maintenance, and data collection. The project consists of five components; (1) a research station; (2) earth science laboratory, (3) stem education, (4) urban outreach and (5) community engagement. And that was just one of their projects.

Advanced Atmospheric Research and Monitoring Station

And on Sunday we were given the opportunity to work on an 3rd site, SheWill, whose mission is to educate young girls, between the ages of 8 and 17, on the importance of financial literacy and career empowerment.