Database Fundamentals, part II

mta-database-fundamentals-certified-2016lDatabase Fundamentals
Microsoft Certified Professional, License D701-8093

I actually earned Database Fundamentals Microsoft Certified Professional, License D701-8093 in March 2012 when I was a student at Gwinnett Tech. At that time, our local student AITP chapter had only competed regional, and I felt inspired to encourage our chapter to compete at the national student competitions. I took part in several design competitions and learned a lot from that process. But it also turns out that AITP was offering some Microsoft Certified Professional tests.

So now, Microsoft has bought LinkedIn, and is trying to turn it into its own version of Facebook. And has created some off to the side company called Acclaim. So now Acclaim has decided to issue me a Database Fundamentals badge. I think it has something to do with giving people badges so they will want more to go on their LinkedIn profiles, and elsewhere. Personally I think I want to wear 3 cow pins as my badges, but hey.

  • Core Database Concepts,
  • Creating Database Objects,
  • Data Manipulation,
  • Data Storage,
  • Database Administration

WebPack Strikes Back

js-task-runnersWith Star Wars’s Rogue One coming out soon, you’ll have to bear with me on the Star Wars puns. So WebPack Strikes Back is my take on trying to actually learn WebPack on my own. And I think I got it.

A while back I wrote about Grunt Gulp What’s Next. Basically every time you turn around there is something new to learn. But in this case, I actually think you need WebPack as a module bundler, and then let Gulp do the front-end driving as the task-runner. So this month, I present….

WebPack Strikes Back

Last month in October, at the Angular meetup, Presenter Jad Jourban talked about Building a Progressive Web App with Angular 2

My take away was about how WebPack helps you with only feeding the client what parts of the website they need at the time they need it. Making it progressive, and WebPack modules play into that. More to come as I tease out the differences and ways to us it.

WebPack Links to Learn From

WebPack and Gulp together

Online MBA~but Not

I am thinking about what it takes to learn an MBA, learn-it, not earn-it mind you. As earning it costs money, but you can still learn the material elsewhere. I have learned college is merely a way for others to mark your time with them. To have some yardstick they can measure you by, rather than what you actually know. I have read thousands of books and enjoy good conversations with fairly smart people. My distaste for stupid acting people is rather well known.

So what does a “normal” person learn while taking MBA classes?

OK, so here is the University of Illinois version on what they want you to take for $22K

  • Complete four required core specializations.
    • Strategic Leadership & Management (4 classes)
      • Everyday Leadership
      • Designing & Managing Organizations
      • Strategic Management & Capstone
    • Managerial Economics and Business Analysis (4 classes)
      • Firm-Level Economics
      • Business Statistics, Data Analysis & Decision Making
      • Country Level Economics & Capstone
    • Value Chain Management (4 classes)
      • Managerial Accounting
      • Process Management
      • Marketing Management & Capstone
    • Financial Management (4 classes)
      • Investments I & II
      • Corporate Finance I & II
      • Financial Accounting & Capstone
  • Choose and complete two of three Focus Area specializations.
    • Global Challenges in Business (4 classes)
      • Global Strategy
      • Global Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
      • Global Business Horizons & Capstones
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (5 classes)
      • Advance Marketing Strategies
        Entrepreneurship and Corporate Renewal
        Fostering Creative Thinking
        Strategic Human Capital & Capstone
    • Digital Marketing (4 classes)
      • Marketing in a Digital World
        Digital Analytics
        Digital Channels & Capstone
  • Complete any two of the specialization capstones plus an integrated capstone final project.


So what MBA program do you think is the best and why?