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Adult Educator Online ~ OpenBadges

Adult Online Educator OpenBadges  The badge they are awarding is called AdEO – short for Adult Educator Online. You can earn it easily by showing that you have illustrated or discussed lifelong learning online. The AdEO badge is based on five inputs using various social media and tools and a brief reflection. Do I deserve being awarded the Adult Online Educator OpenBadges?

So I figure I need to demonstrate that not only am I a big fan of adult education, like all those IBM Education and Microsoft classes I have taken, that I also teach online. My thoughts are to show my journey from doing brown-bag lunches and Lunch-n-Learns at work over the years starting in 1998 at Coverdell & Co through CFLD to working at AOL in 2006. My latest adventures in teaching were in 2015 when I considered becoming an Instructional Designer(ID). I figured since I designed my own classes over the years I could be an ID. More than being a power-point-pretifier doing good ID work required demonstrated knowledge in how to teach, and how adults learned. A lot of big words that my brain “OH”ed and “AH”ed about. I think I am worthy of Adult Online Educator OpenBadges.

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About Adult Online Educator OpenBadges

eagle scout patch image
Eagle Scout patch image

Like for instance what is the Adult Online Educator OpenBadges program? This is. My blog is an example of adult online education. My moodle is another example. My Speaking Sumo blog in. My Leadership in action website is another example. My Twitter account is used as a resource for sharing tips and techniques on how and where to go to advance your knowledge (and sometimes have fun) Basically all this extra hoops, because I wanted to post my Eagle Scout badge that I earned in real life, on my LinkedIn as part of the “badges”. Like that was a big thing to earn. 


NOTE: The copy scores 57.3 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered fairly difficult to read. Try to make shorter sentences to improve readability.” WOW

DevOps and Clouds

DevOps is not a framework or a workflow. It’s a culture that is overtaking the business world. DevOps ensures collaboration and communication between software engineers (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). With DevOps, changes make it to production faster. Resources are easier to share. And large-scale systems are easier to manage and maintain.

More and more DevOps shops are moving to the cloud, and becoming more agile in the process of software development.
Lets talk about the core value of CAMS (culture, automation, measurement, and sharing).

Finally Works

Success. You know that feeling? When you have a success, that it finally works. Yes, something that has been eluding me since mid-late November, and at 6:29pm on the 14th day of December 2016, I got double GREEN lights on my project. It works.

Now I wish I had a cool animated picture of the little girl at a small desk throwing her arms in the air. You know, if you know me, you have seen me do it… WAHOOO.

Marketing Technology Stack

I’ve been working since January to be more well rounded. Meaning fully owning the title full-stack developer, which along the way has helped me with my JavaScript skills, and developed a but more Drupal, WordPress API skills for interfacing with old Java apps. It has also helped me to develop my marketing knowledge, specifically inbound content marketing and reading what HubSpot has to say about it. And as I learned and pondered, where the lines blur, what about a Marketing Technology Stack.

Marketing Technology Stack is what exactly? I know in the old days when I first started using WebTrends, Photoshop and Illustrator, learning about what fonts to use, etc. But what makes up a Marketing Technology Stack? So I thought I would explore that, just like I explored What makes a good Front-end Developer, what does background you need to be a good DevOps guy, or what skills does a UXD need. So I present my ponderings on a Sunday afternoon to you.

So I present to you my take on a Marketing Technology Stack. Explore it a bit, find a couple of hours to read, and think. Dig in a understand it. I was amazed when I took time to realize I knew and had used a good bit of the tools already in day to day life, and found more that I didn’t know anything about. What steps are you taking in your life to continually learn and grow?

Creating Your Own Marketing Technology Stack

  • Understanding the marketing data being generated and how to use it
  • Reaching customers via digital channels like social(FB) and search(SEO)
  •     Working with digital experiences
  •     Selling online with eCommerce (Magento, WooCommerce)
  •     Going mobile (all sites to be being created with a module first mindset)
  •     Measuring and optimizing with testing and analytics
  •     Running and operating a business with technology (What CRM?)
  •     Storing and extracting data (What back-office tools do you use)
  •     Learning and predicting with data exploration and modeling

And of course, as soon as you start searching and researching the Internet thinks it needs to help you summit

Happy Holidays

I am thankful for my many friends and associates on here whom I have worked with and connected with, in the last year.
I am thankful for my many friends and associates from over the years whom I have worked with, but whom I have not spoken with this year; Sorry, we’ve lost touch with each other.
I am thankful for my family of loved ones and friends in life.
And mostly, I am thankful to my God for my life, its challenges, blessings, gifts, and talents.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

And I am thankful for the holidays that are coming, as a sign of seasons passing, the love we share for each other, the affection we hold in our hearts.