Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017

I so want to be going to Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017 and had plans to attend. And then my girl said, hey lets go on a road-trip to ….


Well camping in the mountains with my girl wins over hanging out with nerdy guys any day. I love doing nerdy stuff and Drupal is very nerdy. Drupal is an amazing CMS application package for building some seriously  top notch app-sites. Sad to miss this Drupal Global Sprint Weekend.

Drupal Global Sprint WeekendWhat is a Code Sprint?

“If you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on Drupal.org, getting some contribution tools, and developers can install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.” This Drupal Global Sprint Weekend looks like it would so geeky and fun. Go check it out. Atlanta is one of 5 sites in the US




Two talks One night; “Deployments before Deployment were cool: How Yik Yak integrated a deployment system in between TravisCI and Kubernetes” by Steve Brunton, and “Deployments are still cool: How Terminus is building a deployment system with CircleCI, GitHub, and Convox” by Brandon Erwin
The DevOpsATL folks are the place to really learn and find other folks and resources.

Update Note: Feb 16, 2017

So I’ve been asking and pondering and researching and found out that Reppard Walker from my buddies over at Manheim had already covered this topic in their Fullstack Meetup. In January 2016 they hosted, Building an Automation CI/CD Appliance using Jenkins and Docker. Bummer I missed it.

MEAN Study Group 2017

Starting out 2017 with a BANG, Snap crackle and pop, maybe some Rice Krispy Treats. And a MEAN-stack study group.  Going to start a new study group. MEAN Study Group 2017 will cover the whole project from design ideas to user statements to front-end HTML & CSS work to Angular with dummy data, to building the database and node infrastructure needed to make a data-driven dashboard app.

I think all New Years celebrations need to have some kind of Bang, sizzle, and flair to it. And with Chinese New Year apron us, we should make some noise and drive away the evil spirits and orange blobs.

Here are three free PDF books you can download and learn from.

Learning Web Development with Bootstrap and AngularJS

Learning Web Development with Bootstrap and AngularJS builds a Contact Manager.

Learning Single-page Web Application Development

Application development using the MEAN stack with JavaScript on the server & client side, covering concepts such as Yeoman, RESTful APIs, Passport authentication, cloud deployment, Bower dependency manager, Karma and Protractor, deployment.

AngularJS Up and Running

This book is about Angular, but every other chapter is about testing the material from the chapter before it. Almost a 1/3 of the chapters are about testing. Highly recommended read.

In case you didn’t notice I am excited to start doing this project again. I want to welcome Mike Baker as my co-study-group-leader. Check out his blog.

WordCamp 2017

Attending WordCamp 2017Welcoming 2017 means the WordCamp Atlanta organizing team has ramped up to bring you the best event ever.

You will find WordCamp to be helpful on SO many levels!!!

  • Friday, March 17th is dedicated to beginners just like you—novices, designers, developers.
  • Saturday and Sunday, March 18th-19th, features no less than 48 sessions that you can mix and match. There’s a wide range of topics for all levels of users.
  • There’s a helpdesk available all day on Saturday and Sunday where you can ask specific questions related to your goals.
  • You’ll meet so many people who are active in the local Meetup groups. This is how you continue to learn.
  • The event is affordable!! $20/day includes lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, a tee shirt and other goodies.

Josh Pollock

Josh Pollock

Josh, is a WordPress plugin developer, educator and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Caldera Labs, makers of Caldera Forms, a drag and drop form builder, as well as Ingot, the easiest A/B testing solution for WordPress. In addition, he is a contributor to WordPress core, the WordPress REST API, and plugins by Foo Plugins, Postmatic, Pods, Aesop Interactive, WordImpress, GravityView and more.
One of Josh’s favorite things to do is to share what he has learned about WordPress plugin development, business and community. He writes regularly for Torque Magazine and has contributed to many other WordPress tutorial sites. He is also the author of the book The Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API.

Atlanta’s second gold rush

In 1828, years before the famous California Gold Rush, there was a gold rush right here in Georgia. Veins of the precious metal extended from North Georgia down to what is now Metro Atlanta.

Once again, we’ll get to pan (for knowledge), dig (for insights), and enrich ourselves in all kinds of ways at WordCamp Atlanta 2017. In addition to the fascinating variety of educational sessions, we’ll all be learning from each other, establishing new relationships, and planting the seeds for potential partnerships.

And that’s worth its weight in, well, you know.