Get the Gold at WordCamp Atlanta

Friday March 17 is St Patrick’s Day, and the beginning of WordCamp Atlanta. Yes, 3 Beginner Sessions: Novice WordPress Users, Website Designer, Aspiring Developer. Aspiring Developer, that’s me. I understand the system pretty well, and have coded a few things, and written a front-end for WordPress, but still want to learn more. I want to learn about the code, and hooks, and things the system offers us.

I’ll be in and out on Saturday, as I am out helping another group from 11-2. I figure I can attend Seven Core Competencies of WordPress Web Designer Pros, by Judi Knight. And around for a 3 o’clock and 4 o’clcock classes.
And Sunday I get to help out and run one of the rooms. I love helping. Introducing and facilitating the discussions.

Best Practices for Non-Profits Using WooCommerce

WooCommerce logoResources are limited for many nonprofit organizations. It’s crucial for these companies to do their best work while making the most of what they have. As many of your know I helped with the second big 48in48 this last year, and will again. Since WooCommerce is free to use, open source, and works with WordPress, it’s the platform of choice for many nonprofits. WooCommerce lets these businesses accept donations online, sell products to support their cause, or both. So today’s topic, Best Practices for Non-Profits Using WooCommerce, seems like a good topic as our hearts are open today. Or are we jaded?

Best Practices for Non-Profits Using WooCommerce

Building a robust, fully functional nonprofit website with WooCommerce isn’t hard — but you have to know what you really need. A meetup where shop owners, developers and budding online entrepreneurs can come together to learn and share stories. We would love to grow our community and integrate like-minded people to talk and help each other out with everything Woo-related. Meetups are meant to benefit the local WooCommerce community through live events and the broader WordPress community through the sharing of knowledge. Lets talk about Best Practices for Non-Profits Using WooCommerce.

Testing is Good

Testing is Good. Pyramids are Bad. Ice Cream Cones are the Worst

Monday’s Fullstack meeting at Manheimfists of reason speaker was about Testing mindsets. All across the board. Stephen Fishman, Sr Director, Application Architecture spoke passionately about WHY Testing is Good. Pyramids are Bad. Ice Cream Cones are the Worst

Many engineering and QA professionals are familiar with and lean on the Testing Pyramid made popular by Martin Fowler. Too bad it doesn’t work for in-transformation teams and doesn’t offer hope to teams looking to create change in an organizations’ commitment to drive towards “continuous testing” (especially when everyone wants to fight about tracking coverage levels). This talk will focus on showing what has gone wrong with the testing pyramid and what new model might work better for in-transformation teams.

Specific items this talk will cover:

– What is continuous testing and why is it necessary for a CICD transformation

– What is the testing pyramid and what are its strengths

– What is the testing ice-cream cone and why is it generally bad

– Where does the pyramid model fall short for in-transformation/enterprise teams

– What is a new model that could work better for in-transformation/enterprise teams

Here are some sample articles Stephen wrote on the topic:

Remember Testing is Good. Kind of like those maze movies where they program and brainwash the kids to believe WICKED is good. However in this case Testing is Good, you just have to know how to apply your creative energies and in what doses to where.


On day one, you’re expected to meet 3 key criteria:

  1. You’re hungry to learn new stuff every day.
  2. You’re exceptional at the skill of figuring things out on the fly.
  3. You have experience with web application development, algorithms, Github, MVC architecture, object-oriented programming, test-driven development, and agile teams.

I guess this blog and all the hundreds of posts would be proof of this. I want some company to invest in me as a junior developer with a goal of growing me to become a regular and senior developer with eye on becoming a system architect.

Hungry ~> CHECK

Quick Leaner ! Well they do call me Googlkey. And I do have ADD, which over my lifetime has developed a rather neat trick. I learn stuff quickly because I can direct my focus where I want, and if needed can turn on the hyper-focus. The part where most people tend to forget stuff, because they hyper-focus on something. Well, a trick I learned to overcome this is using my alarms, Time to Eat, Time to Take a Break, Etc.  How not to lose your car keys, and other such stupid mistakes, yeap, I have made them, but then, I learn to error-proof my routine. I call it the Go Ahead and make Mistakes, just don’t make the same one twice.  ~> CHECK

Skills, yeap I got lots, but quite a few are quite shallow. Why? Because I know a little about a lot of things, and a lot about a few things.  T-shaped!