How long does it take to rank

I am putting this here to save it for myself, and for others who ask me this question. “How long does it take to rank” to which we often answer, β€œIt depends,” or “Longer than you want to hear”
How long does it take to rank in Google is a good piece of research, that shows how time is involved with SEO and ranking well. As you know there are many other factors.

Learning CSS Grid

As you know CSS grid has moved us from the old ways into a much better way of seeing CSS positioning. I want to share a quick link and not here.
Learning CSS Grid is a nice website, a bit like the Bootstrap site where you can scroll down and see the sample and example code right there to use.

I really like the refrences
Of course the Guides and External Resources catch my eye.
Positioning items against lines is a codePen I like as well,