48 Nonprofit Web Sites in 48 Hours

cscatlNonprofits spend all of their time doing good, not looking good. Imagine how much good they could do if they looked good as well. A nonprofit’s website should be one of its best fundraising tools. A good site quickly shares what the nonprofit does, explains why that is important, and asks people to get involved through volunteerism and giving. Clear communication is the key to using your website to engaging visitors. If a visitor understands the need and recognizes that they could help to meet that need, the likelihood of getting them engaged (volunteering or giving) goes up dramatically.

shewillI was delighted that one of the three sites my team worked on won 2nd place in the judging on Sunday evening.

People United ~ Community supported agriculture

SheWill was created to educate young girls about financial literacy & career empowerment through mentoring & outreach programs.

  • The other members of my team were;
  • Deidre Chighizola
  • Sherri McDonald
  • Kevin Tyler
  • Josh Ledford
  • Phillip Jones
  • Flint Barrow
  • Moon Wright
  • Paige Pulaski

I want to write about these folks. I want to write more about each of the sites, and what went into them. I want to write about first impressions, and how to better tell a story.
I want to show a dozen of the other project sites that got built by other teams.