Back into the Hopper ~ React Dash

The title has nothing to do with anything.

As you may know I kind of like D3, and want to do more with it, but never had a main-line reason to, yet.
Then a guy says, ok we use React Dash. So I go look it us, and TaDa….

How to Create an Admin Dashboard with Charts using Reactjs and D3js

Building a Dashboard in React



D3 and Angular

Getting Started with D3-coverLeading web sites such as the New York Times, Le Monde, and New Scientist build extraordinary interactive data visualizations using the open source D3.js library. You can too, but you might be put off by the library’s reputation for a steep learning curve. Fortunately that reputation is not well-deserved. There are only a few key concepts underlying D3.js, and once you grasp those, you’ll find that D3.js has very few limitations. This presentation is less of a tutorial on creating specific visualization using D3.js; the web has plenty of those. Rather, it describes the overall philosophy behind D3.js and the key principles essential to understanding and using it.

Stephen Thomas is the user experience architect for Dell SecureWorks, where he dabbles in user research, usability testing, design, and front end development for Dell’s managed security service.

AngularJS by Chris Breiding

AngularJS is a great framework for building single page applications with minimal boilerplate. In this talk, Chris Breiding will introduce you to the framework and demonstrate some of its compelling features.

Chris Breiding is a local front end developer. He loves building web applications and tinkering around with the latest and greatest JavaScript frameworks and tools.