DevOps Kaizen

Kaizen is a popular dev ops cultural practice. – Kaizen literally means change for the better.

So much to say about this. The core of what I learned from Samual during my Lean Six Sigma training. The Five Ways, and fishbones, and why, and not using people as the Root problem. But fixing the problem, like my boss Keith at ATI did back in 1995 when I made an error that cost the company $10,000. I thought I might have been me, but it wasn’t. It was an undocumented thing….and from where we changed. I learned, and eventually we changed almost everything from a 6-8 month order to ship time to a 6 week order to ship time. 

All this is basic fundamentals of DevOps as well. Let me think of what to share. I mean other than go read the books and do the homework, and refine the pain.


GemBa is a Japanese word about the real place. Go see the actual real place or see the actual code. Plan Do Check Act is a cycle, keep going.

Remember its about building people before building cars(or code)

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