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I am so excited my buddy Zell came out with a class Mastering Responsive Typography. As you know he has written two books, Automating Your Workflow and Learning Susy, which I have written about in the past. Well NOW, I get to learn about Mastering Responsive Typography. Recently I came across responsive logos, and thought how am I going to tackle this new design mindset, as well as setting pages so while the blocks look right, the font or typography is usually small and hard to read. I want it to be small screen, but sort of normal size font. I know in the past I learned a lot about this from his blog, Everything I know about Responsive Web Typography. The other one I had read a couple of years ago, kind of left ya hanging. Good ideas in The Lazy Person’s Guide to Responsive Typography, but I wanted more.

Mastering Responsive Typography Lessons

First, you’ll learn the fundamentals to good typography. You’ll learn how to choose a good font-size, how to set your text properly, so it looks good on any device. You’ll also gain confidence that your typography choices are sound even if you don’t have a great eye for design.

Second, you’ll learn the technical aspects to typography.

He says “… wrote Mastering Responsive Typography because it’s something I wish I had when I started to learn web typography. Although there’s a ton of information out there, only a few ones are truly gems. These gems were incredibly hard to find. I often drowned in the vast amount of information out there on the internet.

In short, Mastering Responsive Typography is right for you if:

  1. You want to understand and internalize design principles to help you design better-looking websites without the help of a designer.
  2. You want to code in a simple and efficient manner while utilizing everything you’ve learned.
  3. You want to learn things quickly so you can produce work you’re proud of.

Mastering Responsive Typography(


I tell you what, from what I have seen of his book this course will be worth it. I am excited to see if I can make it happen.

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