Project Management Basics

I want to share a little of what I have learned over the years of project management. I will talk about the 10 steps of project management beyond the basics and getting started.

Business case. Feasibility examples, business cases, developing the costs, investment appraisals, cost flow models and reviewing business cases round out this step.

Planning is the next major point is . what are the objectives constraints starting a plan structuring a plan work down breakdown structure, estimating, task size.

Scheduling is Another major point.  Scheduling includes work effort in duration contingency applying contingency plans scheduling project schedules Gantt charts which are really a small part of it scheduling tools critical path developing a schedule and how does agile projects fit into this.

Risk Management is a major point you need to take in to consideration. The Risk Management stage is about risk management types of risk, managing risk,s risk identification, risk estimations, risk evaluations, countermeasures, creating a risk log and then what is your risk management strategies.

Organization is the XYZ major point now we’re getting into it. Organizing getting organized gathering the resources staging plan organizing activities activity schedules software development documentation training all of these need to fit in.

Leadership. The XYZ major point  like organization, is leading. The leaders, who were the stakeholders, what are the change processes going to be put into place, teamwork, team building, and the end users. What is the leadership role of all of these people involved? What does good effective communications look like? What is the communications plan and how do we particularly deal with difficult people?

The XYZ major point is controlling the plan project management takes control other ways it gets way off base so some major points are keeping control project meetings measuring progress project reports going back to change control how are we dealing with change stage boundaries and summaries of this take the thing.

Overall what are the project strategies? the stages once a project life-cycle look like? What’s the project roadmap? What are the 5 stages would have the early stages the initiation stage the project initiation documents the strategy stage the analysis’s stage the build and design stage the build process and the implementation stages.

Which leads just to project closure we started a project now how do we close a project what are the project closure documents and finally what is the wrap up and lessons learned from this project how do we develop and ensure that we get their return on investment or ROI that we were looking for

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