Make Your Front-end Development Seamless

Fullstack, Front-end, buzzword, jargin and more words, but for real, the world keeps spinning. I just got done with my Web Development Immersive class at General Assembly in May, and I am trying to build good looking sites applying my new found front-end skills, and trying to build processes to them, so Grunt, Gulp and all those fit into the pipeline in the correct places. Well the guys over at the Manheim Fullstack Meetup group did their best to throw me for a loop with their Static Code Analysis: Make Your Front-end Development Seamless topic. But HA, I caught most of it, and think I can apply it… if given a team and some time and a project. Ya pizza really helps, but then, so does having the google drive link to the presentation for later reading does as well.

A demonstration of the most popular front-end tools that can help you write reliable, readable code in record time. You’ll see how tools like eslintsassdoc, and jsdoc provide practical ways to enforce readable and consistent code. Afterwards, we’ll take a look at how more advanced, language altering tools like TypeScript and Flow can radically improve your coding speed and code confidence. Finally, we’ll dive into how all of these tools work at a fundamental level. So come on down and discover the tools that can make your workflow seamless.