Donuts and Social Media

What do Donuts and Social Media have in common? Me. I saw note on LinkedIn, and thought, “OK, lets go post each of these comments in with each of this social media outlets and connect everything.” I don’t have have YouTube, yet, but did add Meetup, which the original “post” didn’t have.

Twitter => I’m eating #Donuts

Facebook => I like Donuts

Foursquare => This is where I eat Donuts

Instagram => At a Vintage Donut shop, Marie’s Do-Nut Shop

Sorry YouTube

LinkedIn => My skills include Donut eating

pinterest => Here is a Donut recipe

I am not a Google Employee and yet I like to eat Donuts

Lawrenceville UX Design Meetup is meeting at a Donut shop

Lawrenceville UX Design Meetup

Lawrenceville, GA
12 UXers

I hope this group grows as we help those of us in the Lawrenceville Gwinnett area who do UX design, and UI design or development get together once in a while and chat or talk …

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Introduction to npm as a Build Tool

gulpJSGrunt and Gulp are the heavyweights in the JavaScript build tool landscape. These tools can automate almost anything you find yourself doing repeatedly in a project, from minifying and concatenating source files, to running tests or compiling code. But the question is, do you need them? npm’s script directive can do everything that these build tools can, more succinctly, more elegantly, with less package dependencies and less maintenance overhead. In this session Jennifer Bland will discuss what npm is capable of as a build tool.

Jennifer Bland is a Software Developer for CNN, specializing in MEAN stack development. She has more than ten years of development experience. Jennifer is the author of the book “Developing e-Business Applications Using Lotus Domino on the AS/400″, published by IBM.
She runs the website which provides interview questions to assist programmers in preparation for job interviews. Her personal website is
Jennifer holds a B.A. in History from Furman University and an MBA from San Jose State University.

After Jennifer’s presentation, Joe DeCarlo hosts an Open Spaces

  • Open Spaces is a discussion format that allows attendees to vote on and participate in conversations on topics chosen by the audience. It is a great way for you to talk about or just learn about a topic that you chose. It also allows other audience members to share their expertise.

npn-nodeAfterwards social time, we will meet at a nearby restaurant for drinks and food.
Thursday, July 21, 2016, come on down about 6:30, starts at 7…General Assembly at Ponce City Market (PCM)

Lightning Talk Party II

AtlJavaScriptLogoLightning Talks again

So Ryan posted his talks slide-deck, from the Javascript Meetup group hosted at HUGE. (hint hint, their working on AMC stuff right now, whaooo)

The Lineup for tonight:

1. Ryan Zimmerman – the future of JS, how to embrace the fundamentals (CS, design patterns, deep dives) and how to use these to deal with the ever changing landscape.
GUESS what, he recently changed jobs (keeping the old one, and adding some new educational opportunists here in Atlanta)

2. Willy Xiao – what I learned from interning in Silicon Valley.

3. Lois Harris – how to find projects to work on and stay on course as a code newbie.

4. Matt Brimmer – coding bootcamps and how to goserver-side-rendering from zero to hero.

5. Oliver B. – Introduction to Angular Universal.

Lightning Talk Party II

Monday, Jul 18, 2016, 7:00 PM

1375 Peachtree St NE Atlanta, GA

112 Javascript Developers Went

Hello folks! This month, welcome back for another round of lightning talk party!! This time, each participant has 5-15 minutes to present. If you go over, watch out for the broom!Our Lineup1. Ryan Zimmerman – the future of JS, how to embrace the fundamentals (CS, design patterns, deep dives) and how to use these to deal with the ever changing lan…

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But I think I should also cross-post this in my Node group

Automating Your Workflow Architecture

Automating Your Workflow with Gulp by Zell Liew
Automating Your Workflow with Gulp by Zell Liew

Last nights SASS Meetup was about Modular Awesomeness, so of course I went. Anthony Daniel’s presentation was an overview a powerful new approach he has come up with to developing workflows, architecture, and components using GulpJS, SASS, Flexbox, and PostCSS at the Big Nerd Ranch. I had heard about Flexbox, and Gulp and wanted to see them in action. I got very excited about learning more about workflows, since my Monday & Tuesday parallax project was a bit wonky.

My buddy Zell Liew had written a book, Automating Your Workflow, which I shared with them, and a Learning Susy book, so I figured this was a perfect place to see the other side in action. I remembered that about 6 months ago, I had seen a blog somewhere comparing Suzy and Flexbox somewhere. The presentation was like biting off more than we could handle in one setting, and we discussed how to do a more simple example set and show only one topic of the 3 main ideas he was trying to present on in future presentation, and that there was enough material to do all three. I hope Anthony comes back with one of the topics more refined. Meanwhile on to Susy designs.


Website Layout Tools Compared: Flexbox Vs. SusyLearning Susy
By Zell Liew

Yes, you should check out the book. Even a couple of samples was worth the time to see inside this mindset and methodology of how to make ultra flexible layouts easily with the Susy framework.

Some notes that don’t really relate to this meetup, but fits