Zume-Pizza and npm code

Turns out there is a Pizza delivery service named Zume. However I came across Zume as a software package, because I was intrigued when I saw it in some code the other day. As an npm package, Zume is, “An opinionated static-site generator with gulp”. Created by oscarotero, who also created the jquery cheat-sheet, which is where I saw the code. And so far I haven’t been able to find any tutorials about it. Dang, so maybe its a 1-off. Yeap, the guy has created 38+ packages on NPM website.

I was originally digging into this because I want to really learn jQuery, or better than I do.  So here is a link to his GitHub repo on the jQuery cheat-sheet. And then I took a quick peak at his over-all GitHub, and he writes a lot of code, 1,737 commits this past year. But he takes his 2 days a week off during the week. Much like I do.


Grunt Gulp Whats Next?

Grunt Gulp Whats Next
Grunt Gulp Whats Next?

Grunt Gulp Whats Next? I think NPM and Webpack are both viable, but so are Grunt & Gulp.  I think G&G are going to be around for some time and work learning both. Why? Because certain tools generate ether G based on who built that toolset. So just use it as is, unless you want to convert Grunt to Gulp. But I think why not just use Grunt if your project was originally scaled out in Grunt. Makes me more well rounded.


Funny as heck, this guys site and style is like mine….

grunt2gulp: a tool for converting Grunt task-runner files to Gulp.js



Grunt Gulp Whats Next?

So how do I set up my “perfect” gulp project?

Why did Bootstrap, which moved to SASS, stay with Grunt?