Testing is Good

Testing is Good. Pyramids are Bad. Ice Cream Cones are the Worst

Monday’s Fullstack meeting at Manheimfists of reason speaker was about Testing mindsets. All across the board. Stephen Fishman, Sr Director, Application Architecture spoke passionately about WHY Testing is Good. Pyramids are Bad. Ice Cream Cones are the Worst

Many engineering and QA professionals are familiar with and lean on the Testing Pyramid made popular by Martin Fowler. Too bad it doesn’t work for in-transformation teams and doesn’t offer hope to teams looking to create change in an organizations’ commitment to drive towards “continuous testing” (especially when everyone wants to fight about tracking coverage levels). This talk will focus on showing what has gone wrong with the testing pyramid and what new model might work better for in-transformation teams.

Specific items this talk will cover:

– What is continuous testing and why is it necessary for a CICD transformation

– What is the testing pyramid and what are its strengths

– What is the testing ice-cream cone and why is it generally bad

– Where does the pyramid model fall short for in-transformation/enterprise teams

– What is a new model that could work better for in-transformation/enterprise teams

Here are some sample articles Stephen wrote on the topic:



Remember Testing is Good. Kind of like those maze movies where they program and brainwash the kids to believe WICKED is good. However in this case Testing is Good, you just have to know how to apply your creative energies and in what doses to where.

How to use agile practices like you mean it

Use agile practices like you mean it! But How? Pair programming and test driven development are agile productivity practices, which means that using these practices should make your team more productive. Sometimes teams drop these practices because they aren’t seeing the promised benefits, or they find the practices constraining. Paul Daigle over at Manheim is going to talk more about this at today’s Meetup at noon. Gotta get going. His topic is Deliberate Programming: How to use agile practices like you mean it. Always with the testing these guys.

Looking at Full Spectrum Testing for Front-end Driven Web Apps

Looking at Full Spectrum Testing for Front-end Driven Web Apps is sort of the topic of today’s Meetup.
The Full Spectrum: A Look at Testing for Front-end Driven Web Apps, noon at Manheim
Kevin Smith and Dave Boyle talked about the full spectrum of testing options for front-end driven web applications. From the humble JavaScript unit test to elaborate cross-browser, automated visual diff testing, we get a detailed examination of the benefits each present and a hands-on example to help us get started on our own.

First time I met Mike Clement from Greater Sum. Still need to get to know him better; likewise with Rodrigo Martinez and Ali Dalloul, both people to watch over the years.
Funny enough is that when I do a search I find the Full-Spectrum Testing with AngularJS and Karma

End-to-End JavaScript Testing

Brandan Irwin and James Marony gave a talk about end-to-end testing for your one-page Javascript webapps.

Toby Ho teaches a monthly workshop and gave a couple of important pieces of advice for beginners trying to learn JavaScript and programming in general.

Ogilvy and Mather at Atlantic Station is amazing space.