TypeScript and Angular2

August might be my Angular month. Check out my CodePens. I have been going to Angular Meetups over the past couple of years, and spent a month in the Web Development Immersive class at General Assembly going over Angular, but I have been slightly resistant to Angular2 & TypeScript. Its like Microsoft just had to get their hands on something pure and mess it up. Which is why I left the Microsoft camp years ago when I was a “Master” of ASP classic…. the VBscript stuff. The server-side type programing. And then I went to the MVC mode with Java, Struts and Tiles. However Angular2 and TypeScript ARE here and its something to jump on and at least get familiar with. And that is what Manheim’s Fullstack meetup is all about.
Angular2, TypeScript & You is tomorrow, and I am excited about what these guys have to say about it.

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