Web Accessibility as a Yearly Topic

ADA Compliance

components-badgeI think certain topics like typography and SEO are something we should touch on every year to refresh and enhance our knowledge. This also includes Web Accessibility 101 as yearly topic to refresh yourself on.

One of things I did yesterday in my Day 5/100 code commit was edit the ReadMe on a project Rainbow. Rainbow is a responsive admin templates built with Bootstrap & AngularJS. As I read through all the details I thought it might be nice to list out the Angular dependencies used, and came across angular-aria. “ARIA attributes that convey state or semantic information about the application for users of assistive technologies, such as screen readers”. During yesterday’s WordPress meetup SEO topic; I could tuned out. Instead I perked up and learned lots, having already done several SEO & accessibility projects in the past .

Accessibility on mobleWhat is Web Accessibility?

This morning I was reading an email, and Web Accessibility 101 as a topic came up. A nice young lady had written a blog post about it, so I share it with you here, Web Accessibility 101.

With a few more clicks, my google-foo brings a couple of free seminars, and cheat-sheets, and more. Here is a professional page that goes a bit more in depth, Introduction to Web Accessibility. Also or instance, if I had posted this last year I would have included, ADA website compliance. As well I am pretty sure I did look through and use this one as a resource, Creating an ADA-compliant website several years ago.

Last year I touched on angular-aria. While I was in the Web Development Immersive at General Assembly enhancing my JavaScript skills learning the MEAN-stack it we covered it. Now I intend to dig in deeper, and learn more about it and other angular components, as well as keeping Accessibility In Mind.

Side-note about SEO

Funny my Yoast SEO plugin is complaining at me saying hey dummy, your giving away links to material you want to be ranked high with. I say I don’t care, I write this for myself, and if others read it, great. Maybe they can learn that rambling is normal for coders. It would be nice to get some inbound links, and if you have something nice to say about having worked with me, I certainly appreciate it.

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