Welcome to my Portfolio

Yeap a bit of a Renaissance man. A Desert Storm army veteran Eagle Scout with 21 years in Scouting who has loved tinkering with computers since I got my first Commodore 64 back in like 1983. A sumo wrestler who writes a food blog about my gardening and food preservation methods like canning. A fiber artist who makes rope and cuts stencils to dye cloth in an ancient Japanese style. And I love doing web work. I have ranged from being a desktop guy to running hundreds of networked servers of all kinds. From building web pages back in the GeoCities days starting in 1997 to building enterprise heath-care systems, I have worked on hundreds and helped build dozens of other sites, with quite literally touching thousands and thousands of individual pages.  So I could build your standard Portfolio, of About Me, My Process told out in story form of 3-4 of my best sites, but that’s not me. I invite you into my world.